Get to Know Me

Let’s talk more about how I can help you.  I enjoy working with clients in Houston that are motivated and ready for change.  Oftentimes people find themselves feeling stuck; they are ready for something to change, but are unsure of how to move forward with their goals.  My clients are looking to make meaningful and lasting change in their lives. While I can help with a variety of issues you may be facing, I specialize in working with:


  • Couples looking to build a stronger relationship and/or overcome conflict

  • Couples or individuals facing infertility, pregnancy loss, and related grief

  • Clients trying to handle the transition into parenthood in an effective and manageable way 


The decision to go to therapy alone or as a couple can be an anxiety-provoking one.  You may be wondering how a stranger can help you with your problems.  You may be worried about the emotional toll of talking about difficult topics.  Opening up to someone new might be scary.  These fears are completely normal; don’t let them be a reason you don’t seek help.  Your well-being and relationships are important and valuable, and therapy is a good way to focus on making improvements and reaching your goals.  I can give you an idea of what to expect from therapy by telling you what it’s really like to work with me.  As your therapist I will:


  • BE RESPECTFUL AND NONJUDGMENTAL:  I am an empathetic and caring therapist, dedicated to trying to understand you and your struggles.  I will listen to you, respect your choices, and aim to be nonjudgmental.  I consider you to be the expert of your life, so I strive to get to know who you are and what you need to meet your goals.  We all make mistakes, face difficulties in life, or have aspects of ourselves that we want to work on…it's part of being human.  It helps to have a safe place to discuss issues without fear of judgment or criticism  

  • CHALLENGE YOU:  In our work together, we will process emotions and change thinking patterns, as well as make meaningful changes that will allow you to cope with life in a more effective way.  I will challenge you to see things from a new perspective, explore parts of yourself that you may not understand, and help you become more self-aware.  I will also bring attention to how you relate to and communicate with others in an effort to improve relationships.  I will push you in a way that will help you in achieving your goals.  Therapy may be uncomfortable at times; but that’s okay. Change is disruptive, that’s the point!   

  • EMPOWER YOU: My goal as a therapist is to empower you to take control of your life. I can provide you with a listening ear, broaden your ideas and perspective, and give you tools and coping skills, but you have to be the one to take action. The good news is that you already possess the resources you need! Maybe you’ve lost sight of your strengths, or maybe you are capable of things you didn’t even realize. Not only will I help you to uncover your strengths, but I will keep you motivated and accountable for taking steps to move forward in your life.


I provide couple, individual, and family therapy in the Clear Lake area.  If therapy is something you are considering, please call me for a free 20 minute phone consultation at (832) 827-3288 or email me.  I would love to hear your questions and concerns and we can determine together if my approach is right for you. 


Education and Experience

I was always the kid on the playground that everyone came to for advice and to talk with about their problems.  I heard everything from classmates fighting over a mean look from their BFF to the challenges and despair of having one’s parents go through a divorce.  I listened to everyone’s troubles and did whatever I could to help.  I had the strong desire to work with people in getting past their pain to find happiness.  So I guess you could say I’ve been a therapist since elementary school!  


I got my Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Baylor University and my Masters of Arts in Family Therapy from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.  In school, my focus was on working with addiction as I completed my internship at the Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston.  I also provided education and advocated for clinician training in working with the LGBT population. I currently work in a nursing home setting in which I provide therapy to residents.  In this setting, I have worked with individuals and families dealing with difficult adjustments and transitions, depression, grief, anxiety, and interpersonal conflict.  As my life progresses, I have made the decision to go into private practice.  My specialties are a result of my professional and personal interests and experiences. 


License and Affiliations

I hold two licenses in the state of Texas: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate #202082 and Licensed Professional Counselor #71690.  I am a member of several professional associations, including the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (TAMFT), Houston Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (HAMFT), Association of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG), and Resolve: The National Infertility Association. 

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