Counseling for Couples Who Want Children

Sometimes in life we have expectations about how things will be.  You get excited to start your family and when that doesn’t happen right away or doesn’t play out the way you pictured it in your head, it’s overwhelming.  Initially you feel like you’re doing something wrong, that you must be defective, and you question why things come so easy for others. 

 “How come everyone else gets pregnant at the drop of a hat?”  “How is she doing that fitness class a week after having baby #2?”  “Why am I crying all the time?”  “Why do we argue so much more now that things are really hard?  All I want is support from my partner.” 


 Couples are often not prepared to deal with unexpected challenges.  When we are hit with hard times, we become more vulnerable.  Vulnerability can go one of two ways: bringing you closer together or tearing you apart.  Most people shy and run away from their fears.  “What if we never get pregnant?”  “Are we doing something wrong as parents?”  “What if my partner leaves me because this is too hard?”  “Is there something wrong with me?”  “Can I ever be good enough?” 

When we avoid the scary things that are actually staring us in the face at all times, conflict increases.  We lash out at those around us, particularly our partner.  Being open about our pain is too much, so we take the easy route and express our anger instead.  Everything becomes a battle and working as a team has gone out the door. 

 I help couples in Houston, TX dig in deep and explore the underlying issues that come with infertility, new parenthood, and simply being in a relationship.  I want you to be able to conquer the scariest parts of your life feeling confident that you have an awesome connection with your partner.  You can understand how the tough stuff plays out in your interactions and learn how to move past the fighting.


 If you’re ready to move beyond constant arguments and fear that your foundation is crumbling, call me at (832) 827-3288 for a free consultation.  While your life will never be the same after experiencing infertility or starting a family, you need to know that your relationship can be amazing, strong, and even better than before. 

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