You are a grown up, and you “should” have your sh*t together by now, right?

Most days you feel overwhelmed, tired, bogged down… it isn’t that you are depressed or anxious. But, something has shifted. It feels like when you look around at home, at work, and in your email the responsibilities, the to-do list, the clutter, you feel like you are drowning in it all.

There are a million choices to make every day. Your closet is full to the brim, and you can’t find a thing. Laundry, toys, paperwork, schoolwork… the clutter your kids and your spouse bring into the house seems to cover every inch. You used to try to keep it in check, but part of you feels like “what’s the point?” and you’ve given up.

Your brain never gets a chance to shut off- the to-do list is too long. Every trip to Target for a few items turns into a 2-hour expedition. Every quick hop on to the Amazon app to order one item you need (or that just popped up on a social media ad) leads to you searching to find enough items to get free 1-day (or same-day) shipping.

At the end of the day, you just want to feel happy and settled. You want to look around your house and feel content. You want people to walk into your house and feel relaxed, at peace, and ultimately, you want to keep your friends from judging you, the way you judge yourself. You are a grown up, and you “should” have your sh*t together by now, right?

What now?

The brain fog, drain, anxiety, and overwhelm you feel might not be about you not being good enough, organized enough, or having a mental health condition. It is time to shift your expectations, vision, and your habits to relearn how to daily experience lightness and joy that you desperately crave?

What if the KonMari method, minimalism, simplifying, and organization could legitimately change your mood, your relationships, and your energy levels?

My name is Erika Labuzan-Lopez and I am a therapist and a mom who has been working with moms, dads, and families for over a decade. I am also a wife and a mom who has felt the weight of social media, expectations, and stuff that kept me living in a checked out way. I am here to tell you that the impact of decluttering isn’t just about moving stuff, it is about understanding how the “stuff” got there in the first place, how to change the underlying patterns, and moving into a new way of being that you can pass down to your children.

It isn’t just about clearing out that spare room, or your bathroom cabinets ala KonMari’s netflix special. We will work on that together while clearing out the mental clutter you’ve been hanging on to so you can move forward with the thoughts, beliefs, habits, and stuff that you truly need in your life today and in the future.

If you are ready to learn to let go, simplify, and find your unique path to a minimalistic life that fits your family, give me a call for your free 15-minute phone consultation.