relationship problems

Do Therapists Have Perfect Lives?

I get asked often if my life and marriage are perfect because I'm a therapist.  The short answer is definitely no.  In this post I explore more about what it means to have a relationship with a therapist who is human, not perfect, and able to truly understand your pain. 

Simplifying Sex: Part 1- Why is Sex so Difficult?

I am so pleased to share my first guest blog post.  My peer Maegan Megginson, MA, LPC, LMFT-Associate, is a couple and sex therapist located in central Houston.  We all want to have great sex, but why is it so difficult?  Maegan provides great information and insight into what may be holding you back. 

Tackling Relationship Conflict from the Inside Out

Disney Pixar's newest movie INSIDE OUT helps give parents and children a tangible way to talk about emotions.  But emotions are difficult for everyone, especially when they interject into our relationships.  Conflict is clouded by uncomfortable and unclear emotions.  Read my post to learn how to tackle your relationship conflict using simple lessons from INSIDE OUT. 

A Different Way to Think about Improving Your Relationship

How would your relationship be different if a miracle occurred and all your problems were solved?  What things would you notice in your partner and what would they say about you?  Diving into the miracle question can help you open your mind to new possibilities and begin the process of making changes that will improve your relationship.